Hello beautiful ladies! If there are two things I cannot  live without from my beauty bag, its my lipstick and  foundation. Lipstick because my look would be incomplete without it and foundation because I love the evened out finish it gives.Its also a life-saver for those late nights when sleep is the last thing on your  mind because series..OBVIOUSLY!

Summer SCREAMS  colour, and our lip colour choices  are no exception! With that being said, RED, Summer and bright are the perfect combination, which is why I will be sharing my choice of reds from two of my favourite beauty-brands. I would like to think I’m a simple girl, so when it comes to lippies, I love affordable but durable! SO..say hi to Wet ‘n wild.


I’m wearing Red Velvet here.

Wet ‘n wild lipsticks are high in pigment and has a durability of four hours or more. The best part is you can eat and it will still be there! You may want to  touch up once,purely out of choice,other than that you’re good to go! I was introduced to the brand early this year when I went make-up shopping for my cousin’s wedding and found their stand close by to my other favorite brand (essence). Being the adventurer that I am, I had to try it and my love for the brand has only grown. My fave red in their range is Red Velvet. I have added in my favourite pink,because it is too pretty to leave out.Here are the Wet ‘n wild swatches :


Red Velvet on the left and Sugar plum fairy on the right


With essence,it took me  snooping through my mums make-up bag like most young girls do,to start a long term relationship.That weekend I was BOLD enough to to stop at Clicks ( you guys can find both the brands stands there) and pick out my own eyeliner, shadow pallet and mascara – which I will forever rant about because ITS THAT GOOD. I put a nude colour and a red in my basket..and the rest is history ..


I’m wearing Adorable matt

I love that my essence lippies are so light on the lip.They aren’t as highly pigmented as Wet ‘n wild but they definitely give you the look you want.Both beauty brands retail the same when it comes to these lipsticks, under R80.Red will always stay in trend,keep trendy till the next pickled piece! 🙂 Here are the essence swatches :


Dare to wear on the left and Adorable matt on the right


Dare to wear

COOL for the Summer

Hello again beautiful people!With Spring upon us and Summer just around the corner, I thought it would be super cool to leave you guys a piece to try at home.Apart from these two seasons being the prettiest to dress for,they also tend to demand that we stay a little more hydrated than usual.

Coldrink and my skin just do not see eye to eye, to the point where I think I’m going to have to stay away from it permanently and rather stick to good old fashion water and pure fruit juices. Recently I have been having Rooibos tea with a splash of fresh lemon juice and a little honey in the morning as my hot beverage.In the short while that I have been having it, I have already seen and felt such a difference in my skin and my energy levels.I liked it so much that I thought it would be just as nice if it were chilled.Thus, my experimentation began. I have found a perfect,healthy drink for the Summer and something to sip on whenever I want this season.

I love that I don’t have to keep running to the shops to buy iced tea, I can make something tasty with the basics here at home and even get way more fancier.



3 to 4 Rooibos teabags

Slices of fresh lemon ( how many slices is up to you)

Pure honey or sugar (I like honey,it just does so much good on the skin)

Cinnamon sticks.I love the taste of cinnamon so wherever I can stick it in, I will lol. This is optional though.

Mint Leaves,strawberries and pineapple slices are an amazing extra that you can add-in, I just kept it simple in this post.Not only is the taste more fruity but it looks really beautiful.



Basically just make the tea, add everything in and pop it in the freezer for it to chill.You can put the fruit in before or after.There aren’t any rules when it comes to something like this,you can go GAGA and let your creative JUICES flow 😉 .. see what I did there??! haha

Hint: 5cups of Rooibos a day helps with belly fat and is a great detox!

I hope you guys enjoy and keep refreshed. You can drop me a comment if you are keen on more of my recipes that I love and try at home.  🙂

Much love until the next pickled piece.



COAT yourself in a little winter!

Hey everyone! As you know my blog usually drops pieces of inspiration to get you through the roller-coaster ride of life. This time I decided to switch things up a little and get your fashion senses going.

Winter is THE season for fashion. Layers,colours,and the way you style your clothing pieces can speak volumes of the kind of personality you have and how that comes through in your style. I’m going to be sharing some of my must have pieces in winter for you ladies, and how they can be styled.

COAT UP : Coats are a MUST for me! Apart from keeping you warm, they are insanely classy and give your outfit that last-minute finish of glam. Black Coats go with absolutely any colour scheme and add WARMTH to the overall look. Pairing it with a neutral inner and white jeans, you can never go wrong. Lastly, heels always keep an outfit edgy and tie the whole piece together 🙂



Model: Amo Ramarothole

Photographer: Lebogang Loliwe

Outfit Details :

Black Coat : Witchery

White jeans : Mr Price

Black Heels: Mr Price



Now if you are not in the mood for heels, then the next best footwear is Converse all-stars. This look is one of my favourites, because it is simple yet well put together.

If you don’t have Allstars, I do suggest investing in a pair,they don’t only look good but go a long way. They  dress an outfit up or dress it down, depending on the mood you’re in. I love that you don’t only have to pair it with pants. Skirts are my second favourite piece this winter. Throwing on a pair of black stockings is a great way to keep things funky.

Last tip: The colour of your skirt should POP a little. It makes the outfit catchy and sets a trend. It adds just the right amount of colour to what many call a dull season.



Model: Amo Ramarothole

Photographer: Lebogang Loliwe

Outfit details:

Chunky jersey: H&M

Skirt: Witchery

Stockings: Woolworths

Sneakers: Converse



Remember Fashion already exists, its style that’s hard to come by 😉 ! I will be dropping some cool pieces in the future for you guys, so look out for that.

Till the next pickled piece, keep warm and STYLISH!






The 0ther side

If anyone knows me well enough they’d know I was pretty much  a waterchild growing up. Weekend visits to the ocean made me feel all types of happy. I loved every part of it. The smell of the sea, the feel of the sand on my feet and even the great hunger I felt after those hour long swims.

Many of you can relate to this type of childhood. Simplicity brought great contentment. Remember those  KFC ice-cream cones most of us would buy after the beach visits?! No way  was I leaving that out! 🙂

Fast-forward to today’s type of living, childhood memories are just memories even though they are in reach of being re-lived. Technological devices,and social networking has replaced the simplicity and joy that we once experienced.


This year try to tap into the GOLDEN OLDIES OF DAYS.

Look,technology and social networks are cool, but lets face it, nothing compares to that carefree feeling when your hair is all over the place and you really couldn’t be bothered with how you look because all that matters in that moment is the freedom .Nature is really God’s way of showing off, apart from us as his creation. Tuck into what the moment has to offer!  – I’m addressing myself too 🙂 !


I don’t think life was intended to spend most of our time behind screens. I mean whats the point of creation if we are isolated. Who then is meant to enjoy it?! Whatever brought you happiness as a child, go experience it again. Even if it means annoying your sibling..Ashlyn, WHATS GOOD?! LOL but you guys get my drift.

Today’s fast paced living has sort of taken away from true living.

Sometimes just relive one of those moments. Go to the other side,the familiar side .. the one you knew before you were introduced to the OTHER SIDE.

Till the next pickledpiece
















December is here and is a new post! I have been MIA, probably because I was too busy living and learning..and lazing but shhh..that’s allowed sometimes 🙂

My last post focused on success and covered a local lass’ story. Thing is, it can be a little difficult reading through someones  success story when you might feel that you haven’t really accomplished the goals you would have liked to. AND I’m here to say that that’s OKAY too!

Its okay to have it all together and its also OKAY not to have it all together. 2015 was MY year just to breathe, seeing that I had just completed my degree, all I wanted was some downtime..a break from my books, to soak in family and home. Time that I will always treasure, because once real-life, adult problems hit..there’s no break!

Comfort comes easy to us all, including the positions we find ourselves in.Hence, our inner fire for achieving goals, dreams and visions can easily die out. I have had moments like this, many times. It happens to all of us I am sure. Good news is.. it is natural, just never accept a blackout..EVER!



Credit : Tumbler Images


Set backs,wrong company,negative thoughts and the comparison of our journeys to that of others are just some of the extinguishers to our fires. SO from the title ‘‘Get lit”, its time for you to reignite that inner fire..and hey, just as we draw closer to a new year!

3 steps helped me reignite my fire..

1.JOURNAL – Write down what you want to accomplish to remind yourself of your initial goals. Jot down your strengths and weaknesses, To get a better understanding of how to go about things. When you know what your weaknesses are, you can start working on them!

2. PRACTICE PATIENCE – Pray, put the work in. God’s timing is perfect, he knows when you will be ready for whatever it is you need or want to accomplish. This step is challenging because it really is a test of faith.Remember, we are always given what we can handle, and if its something greater, it is so we can see with our own eyes how we are capable of rising to the occasion!

3. LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR JOURNEY – I love that no one can ever be me or walk my path and you should love that no one will ever be you or walk your path. Our generation is used to comparing ourselves and lives to the next kid on the block just because their instagram says their living it up. I’m pretty sure no one has it together out here. So, the quicker you start loving yourself, and placing focus on you, the stronger your fire will be to want to achieve for YOU!

I hope the last month of this year will bring you nothing but happiness. Always be grateful for whatever comes your way. It is part of your journey.

Have a beautiful and safe festive season and please…


Till the next pickled piece ..






Go on…..BLOOM!

Photo Credit : Megan Kodi

Photo Credit : Megan Kodi

Ever heard the saying ” A flower does not compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms”?. Its this quote which inspired this blog-post ,because I believe even we as people go through this blooming process, and as sucky as it is,for us blooming isn’t always the easiest of processes. Nomatter what phase of life you are currently in, you will somehow relate to this post..So hold on tight as we venture through this one 🙂 It is in our nature in a way to bother about what the next person thinks of us, I mean I have met a few individuals who genuinely don’t seem to care, but for the rest of us, life isn’t always that straight forward right? RIGHT!

Have you ever felt that you’d do anything for someone in a heartbeat but you’re saddened when you realize they wouldn’t do the same for you? Or how about those negative people in your space that somehow seem to shut down dreams or aspirations simply because they don’t see the potential and greatness in you to achieve those dreams? It can also be quite the opposite, where you compare yourself to that friend who has it all going for him or her.You know the one who seems to always carry out what they say they will? How about surface friendships? Where you’re used only just used you to hang out, or are just interested in keeping up with whats going on in your life. They take no time in actually getting to know who you are as individual but are quick to expect you to run after them? You see its little things like this that plant the seed of concern.We worry how those very same people would respond if we actually stood up for ourselves, or if we took the time to distance or remove them from our lives because we view them as toxic to our growth. Thing is, no process of reformation is easy. These people exist to make you aware of who you are and what you want to tolerate and the things you will not tolerate in your life. RIGHT HERE, WORRYING ABOUT THESE SITUATIONS AND PEOPLE ONLY HINDER OUR GROWTH.

JUST STOP IT! The focus is YOU YOU YOU! The many lost friends, failed relationships and even personal breakdowns should be used in a positive light. Your process will eventually lead you to realize that YOU ARE ENOUGH! It fits into place when your focus is on you and your journey. Say goodbye to those hi how are you, when we hanging kinda friendships, find REAL friends, friends who aren’t intimidated by your confidence and drive but who rather admire it. Negative people shouldn’t be part of your space..POSITIVE ENERGY means a happier YOU.Once you realize YOU are important, you will do anything to protect who you are and your personal growth space. REMEMBER! : The blooming process is just as beautiful as the bloomed flower, so long as you focus on YOUR process. HAPPY BLOOMING YA”LL! 😀 Till the next pickled piece.. XOXO



Hello there! My name is Megan Kodi, an outgoing, and sometimes outspoken individual. I am 22 and although I am getting older I love embracing the change.I have a degree in psychology and journalism ( P.S, I love photography and photographing anything and anyone, so expect some photography and cool pieces to add to the feel of this blog! ) I am passionate about anything that stirs a feeling within me where I absolutely cannot stay silent. I love learning things,especially about myself, because hey, I get to look back a few years from now and laugh about it.I will also look back and appreciate my growth. Without a doubt I KNOW I will learn a great deal  from you.

I’m hoping you all will learn about yourselves in the process.Its always great to read something and go “That’s me!” OR ” Wow I’ll do things a little different next time around”.Your comments and feedback will all be taken into consideration because again..I love hearing what others have to say.

SOOOO onto the nitty gritty. I have created this personal space with the idea of interacting and well talking about anything and everything that we face as young women.Guys, no worries most of the time posts will be applicable to you aswell!This space is all about positive vibes and making you see that the pieces always fit together in the end.Its about encouragement when times are good and bad just because I believe we could all use a little positive energy in a world that seems to focus mainly on our flaws and lacking.I’m no expert at anything, trust me! Which is why these are my thoughts and opinions.They by no way devalue another individual’s opinion or fail to acknowledge theirs.

REMEMBER: If you feel strong about a certain topic and think I should dedicate a blog post to it, NEVER feel shy to let me know. It will surely add spice and stir up good conversation.

Till the next Pickled Piece…..