Hello again ladies! Did you really think I was only going to think of you once this month? NOPE! I’ve saved he best for last, and being the magician that I am, I had to have one more trick up my sleeve. This month is at its final days  but the content I’m about to leave you with will go way beyond any amount of time.

p.s. the cool thing is, this applies to guys too! So guys, if you’re reading, its cool…we aren’t judging..hahaha.

Here they are….

Compassion – We live in a world where we are told to constantly love and value ourselves and YES! that is true, however so many people around us don’t really know what love is or what it feels like to be given something without having to be asked for something in return. I think of mother Teresa who so selflessly gave  and  never asked for anything in return. Of course we aren’t mother Teresa but we can surely strive towards being women of compassion, in the little ways and in the huge ones.

Courage – This is so important. We may have zero understanding when it comes to why we go through the things we go through but rest assured having courage will make things a little more bearable. Hold on to the fact that you’re surviving, that you’re stronger than you think you are and that you are capable of OVERCOMING!Courage is infectious, when you show courage it has a ripple effect..sort of like “If she can do it, then so can I!”.

Confidence– Lord knows we all have  countless numbers of flaws, but what truly makes a woman powerful is owning them! This is something we all are working with day by day and although I do believe we will reach a point one day of truly accepting and embracing them all, having confidence through the process is super admirable and something that will take you very far!

I hope you all have had a beautiful month! As we head in for a new one,embrace what it has to offer, stay confident, have courage and ALWAYS show compassion.

Till the next pickled piece

Love and light



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