5 Reasons why you’re ACTUALLY greater than you think you are!

Hi! I have this random thing I do where I try to dissect how someone took the time to create me, with all my flaws and my talents and gifts and knows all my ways and all my flaws, yet still loves me the same. Then I snap out of it because I realize that’s just enough to know that I AM ENOUGH, and you ARE ENOUGH! So onto the cool part, me giving you the reasons why you are greater than you actually think you are! HERE GOES…

1.There’s no one in this entire world who is like you or who can do the things you do. Not your sense of style, or the way your analyze situations, not even how you would react to them.That’s some sort of indication right there that you’re pretty special, and if you didn’t know..well, now you do! 🙂

 2. You aren’t where you used to be. I think its in our human nature to always want to achieve more, and do better. We so seldom take a minute from our busy schedules to be like ” Hey, you know what I’ve actually come a long way and I would’ve spiraled down the wrong path, but here I am, STANDING TALLER than I did before. You just taking a minute out of your day to show yourself some love and appreciation will surely make a difference in the way you feel about yourself.

3. Your dreams have grown. Life would be pretty boring without dreams, don’t you think? Compare those dreams and visions you had when you were younger, I can guarantee some of them have grown beyond measure. You may even scare some people when they hear just how huge they are. Thing is, that’s a good thing. It shows you believe in  your capabilities to one day make it happen, or strive towards it at least. So keep dreaming, dreams that scare even you!

4. You are somebody to somebody. No matter who you are OR where you come from, you really do matter to someone. You are there for them in the little and in the big ways. They’d pretty much be a little lost without you ( I’m sure someone comes to mind at this point) you’re valued by someone, by people around you, your friends and family. Never underestimate your role and the joy you may bring to the lives of those  around you.

5. You know your worth. You know what your capabilities are and how much strength you posses ( I’m hoping you do). You having knowledge of your worth allowed you to walk away from situations that were not the best for you and helped you realize what you do deserve. That’s something to be proud of!

On your down days remember these five reasons, it should get you through any season -rhyming skills for the win there! 😀

Till the next pickled piece

Love and light



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