Hello again ladies! Did you really think I was only going to think of you once this month? NOPE! I’ve saved he best for last, and being the magician that I am, I had to have one more trick up my sleeve. This month is at its final days  but the content I’m about to leave you with will go way beyond any amount of time.

p.s. the cool thing is, this applies to guys too! So guys, if you’re reading, its cool…we aren’t judging..hahaha.

Here they are….

Compassion – We live in a world where we are told to constantly love and value ourselves and YES! that is true, however so many people around us don’t really know what love is or what it feels like to be given something without having to be asked for something in return. I think of mother Teresa who so selflessly gave  and  never asked for anything in return. Of course we aren’t mother Teresa but we can surely strive towards being women of compassion, in the little ways and in the huge ones.

Courage – This is so important. We may have zero understanding when it comes to why we go through the things we go through but rest assured having courage will make things a little more bearable. Hold on to the fact that you’re surviving, that you’re stronger than you think you are and that you are capable of OVERCOMING!Courage is infectious, when you show courage it has a ripple effect..sort of like “If she can do it, then so can I!”.

Confidence– Lord knows we all have  countless numbers of flaws, but what truly makes a woman powerful is owning them! This is something we all are working with day by day and although I do believe we will reach a point one day of truly accepting and embracing them all, having confidence through the process is super admirable and something that will take you very far!

I hope you all have had a beautiful month! As we head in for a new one,embrace what it has to offer, stay confident, have courage and ALWAYS show compassion.

Till the next pickled piece

Love and light



Hey Wonderwomen!

Happy Women’s day! To all the lovely ladies who stop by my blog and give it a read. Today, as every other day IS OURS! A time to celebrate all that you are, do and mean to those around you. I hope this morning consisted of you waking up late, lazying around in  your favourite pajama’s ( listen, those things are royal garments :D) and having whatever you felt like for breakfast 🙂

There are just 3 wonder thoughts I would like to leave for you :

1.  In the words of Christina Aguilera ” You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words can’t  bring you down”. – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Your shape, your skin tone, your smile, your hair, just the way you are, you are so beautiful. Take time to let that marinade in your mind, so that it leaves you feeling seasoned 😉

2 . The mirror reminds you who your competition is – Running your own race is the most liberating feeling. You’re going at your own pace, in your own time and you don’t have anything to prove to the next person. Other women should be our inspiration, not our competition!

3.Take a chance on  yourself – Do what you love, people will say things either way. Do what makes you happy, whatever that may be. Find your hobbies, hidden talents, or new goals you wish to achieve. The greatest project we can invest in, is ourselves. After all, you are WONDERWOMAN!

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Love and light



5 Reasons why you’re ACTUALLY greater than you think you are!

Hi! I have this random thing I do where I try to dissect how someone took the time to create me, with all my flaws and my talents and gifts and knows all my ways and all my flaws, yet still loves me the same. Then I snap out of it because I realize that’s just enough to know that I AM ENOUGH, and you ARE ENOUGH! So onto the cool part, me giving you the reasons why you are greater than you actually think you are! HERE GOES…

1.There’s no one in this entire world who is like you or who can do the things you do. Not your sense of style, or the way your analyze situations, not even how you would react to them.That’s some sort of indication right there that you’re pretty special, and if you didn’t know..well, now you do! 🙂

 2. You aren’t where you used to be. I think its in our human nature to always want to achieve more, and do better. We so seldom take a minute from our busy schedules to be like ” Hey, you know what I’ve actually come a long way and I would’ve spiraled down the wrong path, but here I am, STANDING TALLER than I did before. You just taking a minute out of your day to show yourself some love and appreciation will surely make a difference in the way you feel about yourself.

3. Your dreams have grown. Life would be pretty boring without dreams, don’t you think? Compare those dreams and visions you had when you were younger, I can guarantee some of them have grown beyond measure. You may even scare some people when they hear just how huge they are. Thing is, that’s a good thing. It shows you believe in  your capabilities to one day make it happen, or strive towards it at least. So keep dreaming, dreams that scare even you!

4. You are somebody to somebody. No matter who you are OR where you come from, you really do matter to someone. You are there for them in the little and in the big ways. They’d pretty much be a little lost without you ( I’m sure someone comes to mind at this point) you’re valued by someone, by people around you, your friends and family. Never underestimate your role and the joy you may bring to the lives of those  around you.

5. You know your worth. You know what your capabilities are and how much strength you posses ( I’m hoping you do). You having knowledge of your worth allowed you to walk away from situations that were not the best for you and helped you realize what you do deserve. That’s something to be proud of!

On your down days remember these five reasons, it should get you through any season -rhyming skills for the win there! 😀

Till the next pickled piece

Love and light


Throwback Tuesday

Happy 4th of July everyone! 😀 Of course we don’t celebrate in South Africa, but I did decide to break a rule and throwback on a Tuesday. Live on the edge right?! Seeing that I haven’t posted in a while ( work and other commitments do come first ) and blogging is merely a hobby that keeps me sane, I would never just mia completely.

I did a test shoot with Sean Van Tonder a few months back, a local photographer and such a -genius when it comes to his craft.His work is amazing and featuring some of the epic shots he captured on my blog was a no-brainer. If any of you ladies who read my blog are interested in doing a portfolio with him, find his details below.

P.s : Photoshoots aren’t only for professional models. They really are fun, can be such a confidence booster and a chance for you to escape your reality for a second.

photographer : Sean Van Tonder – ( email adress-

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Hi lovelies! Can you believe the third month of the year is almost over?! That being said I will not waste any more time getting down to spilling a few secrets.

When it comes to skincare, the products are endless and so are the great tips and advice. I have found three products that have changed the way I do things. One of them being an absolute treasure! Your skin type will ultimately determine the direction in which you head when deciding what to purchase. But my recommendations are not harsh on the skin and are for sensitive skin types aswell.

GARNIER products have been around for as long as I can remember, however it was only a few months ago that I decided to dive into their range.That lead  me to the two products that have GREATLY impacted my skincare regime :

THE MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER                                                           

This product is a make-up remover so its a MUST HAVE! GUYS! MY LIFE CHANGED! I love that I don’t have to be harsh on my skin when removing my make-up, which is an important point. You never want to be harsh on your skin, leaving it red and bruised in an attempt at taking off your make-up.With just a good amount on a cotton pad, my make -up comes off with ease.

The cool thing about this product is that you don’t have to rinse your face after.However I like being thorough, so I go ahead and do so anyway.  I assure you, you are investing in your skin with this product! With Regards to price and place, It costs R80, and you can purchase it from Clicks.I rate that’s pretty affordable for a product that promises 200 uses 😉DSC_0633

Onto the next…………………..


This product REAAAALLY  makes me feel good about my skin, because I use it in the morning and in the evenings before bed. It removes any impurities leaving my skin feeling super smooth and smelling amazing! This is a smooth  face wash so you won’t find any microbeans in there. Again, nothing about this product is harsh on the skin.If you’re looking for something that’s going to leave your skin feeling fresh and light after your wash, go with this one 🙂 This product retails at R70 and clicks is where you can find it.

DSC_0623                                                                      ANNNND FOR THE ABSOLUTE STAR OF MY SKINCARE REGIME: COCONUT OIL 😀

I cannot express how much it has changed the feel, look and the overall health of my skin. It is used as a moisturizer and what’s even more awesome is that its all natural. I use it for my entire body and my hair aswell. With regards to your hair I suggest choosing your day in, so your hair can soak up all the nutrients it has to offer. Rinse off the next day thoroughly. It leaves your hair feeling just as amazing as it does your skin! p.s. I love the smell of it too!

Seeing as winter is around the corner, and our skin tends to get dry around this time this is the perfect product to have.You can find at any healthstore, or any vegetable store here on the South Coast. Price wise, it can range depending on the size of the jar and whether or not you go the organic route or not.Roughly around R60 and over for organic.

DSC_0648Take good care of yourself and your skin! 🙂

Until the next pickledpiece

Megan x

Turn your day look into a night look


We all love dress up time, it certainly is one of my favourites. However it can get a little annoying when you are  hanging out in the day and have to think about what to wear for the evening if you’re heading out .The thought of having to choose something else to wear can kill the buzz a little.Then there’s the time factor, because lets face it,too much time can never  be enough time when you’re trying to channel your inner fashionista.

No worries though! Turning your day look into an evening/night  one with the basics you have in your cupboard  will soon become the next best thing your’e good at!

Look one: Your casual jean look can easily be transformed into a chic evening one. Caps are the in thing lately. Its quick and easy and looks super stylish with a pair of sneakers. Keeping it simple is key which is why I chose white on white. A quick brush of the hair into a neat knot-style bun is really elegant. Swop your sneakers for a pair of heels,throw on a jacket and you’re good to go.Investing in a denim jacket is a life long investment. It will never go out of fashion, and for Summer evenings it makes your outfit look well thought out  without you having to try.


Photo Credit : Chanelle Naidoo


Photo credit : Chanelle Naidoo

Look two: We all have a neutral colour skirt lying deep in the cupboard that probably never comes out because some of us can be such hoarders. So here’s how you make it a part of your must- wears this season. Pairing your skirt with a tee or vest or even a strappy  top,throwing on a choker and having your hair slick back is simplicity at its finest. What I love about the day look is you could wear a sneaker,a cute sandal or pumps if that’s your vibe. I’m a sneaker girl so Allstars is my go-to.


Credit : Chanelle Naidoo

Let your hair down for the evening and add a dark lip. Nothing says evening like a dark lip. Throw on a blazer and ditch your comfy footwear for heels.


Photo Credit : Chanelle Naidoo


Hello beautiful ladies! If there are two things I cannot  live without from my beauty bag, its my lipstick and  foundation. Lipstick because my look would be incomplete without it and foundation because I love the evened out finish it gives.Its also a life-saver for those late nights when sleep is the last thing on your  mind because series..OBVIOUSLY!

Summer SCREAMS  colour, and our lip colour choices  are no exception! With that being said, RED, Summer and bright are the perfect combination, which is why I will be sharing my choice of reds from two of my favourite beauty-brands. I would like to think I’m a simple girl, so when it comes to lippies, I love affordable but durable! SO..say hi to Wet ‘n wild.


I’m wearing Red Velvet here.

Wet ‘n wild lipsticks are high in pigment and has a durability of four hours or more. The best part is you can eat and it will still be there! You may want to  touch up once,purely out of choice,other than that you’re good to go! I was introduced to the brand early this year when I went make-up shopping for my cousin’s wedding and found their stand close by to my other favorite brand (essence). Being the adventurer that I am, I had to try it and my love for the brand has only grown. My fave red in their range is Red Velvet. I have added in my favourite pink,because it is too pretty to leave out.Here are the Wet ‘n wild swatches :


Red Velvet on the left and Sugar plum fairy on the right


With essence,it took me  snooping through my mums make-up bag like most young girls do,to start a long term relationship.That weekend I was BOLD enough to to stop at Clicks ( you guys can find both the brands stands there) and pick out my own eyeliner, shadow pallet and mascara – which I will forever rant about because ITS THAT GOOD. I put a nude colour and a red in my basket..and the rest is history ..


I’m wearing Adorable matt

I love that my essence lippies are so light on the lip.They aren’t as highly pigmented as Wet ‘n wild but they definitely give you the look you want.Both beauty brands retail the same when it comes to these lipsticks, under R80.Red will always stay in trend,keep trendy till the next pickled piece! 🙂 Here are the essence swatches :


Dare to wear on the left and Adorable matt on the right


Dare to wear